Thursday, January 20
I've been quite busy this week adding a couple more things to the page. As always, there are some new lyrics and a couple new album covers in my Tanya Tucker section.
On the writing front, I've actually got something new for the first time in ages. The first is a sneak peak of a fantasy story I'm working on. I've also added some more to the still incomplete Frannie's Lament

Monday, January 10
Well, it's been a really, really long time since my last update. I've become increasingly lazy. I've finally updated a little; it's not much, but at least it's something. You'll see that I've added a new page. It's a work in progress, like everything else around here, but I hope to see something there soon.
I've also added to my Tanya Tucker lyrics, and there is another album cover as well. There's also some new new links.

Tuesday, March 30
Unfortunately, my latest update has been to once more add someone to my "In Memory" page. During March Break, I was saddened to learn of Kelly Swan's passing. Kelly was my direct supervisor, on a shift with 10 people at the most, for over a year. He was a sweet, kind, good man who left behind three very young sons. Kelly was only 34 years old.

I have also added more lyrics to the Tanya Page.

Thursday, March 11
I've done a lot of work on the site, but it's been mostly fixing typos and stuff, with nothing much new to report. I have restructured my pet pics to make them easier to load, and I have added the new story beginnings for Creativity Unleashed. Those are the two main changes. Sorry it's taken so long to update.

Thursday, January 22
Well, I've added a couple of things this time out. For one, I have posted the results of my latest Quizlet. Who knew?
Lots of stuff has also been brewing on the Tanya Tucker front. I have added Tanya's new CD to my Extended Discography section, added the lyrics to Delta Dawn, and updated my Everything I Learned in Life... thing-a-ma-jig.
On a solemn note, too many people I know died this year, so I've started a memorial page for them.

Saturday, January 17
Not a lot added, but some. I've added some more Tanya Tucker album covers. If you're tired of my only additions lately being album covers, you can breathe a sigh of relief. I can only add two more, and then I have to wait until this summer for the rest. (My records are at my mom's house.)
I've also changed our site logo. The other one was too long.

Saturday, December 13
I've added a pic of Meg as a baby.
Plus, I've added another Tanya Tucker album cover.

Friday, December 5
I've added a bunch of album covers on my Tanya Tucker discography page.
And I've added a couple of links to my Links page.

Sunday, Nov. 16
I've added a simple discography to my Tanya Tucker page, in case someone wants to just see what albums she has out and not every song on every album.
There's been another addition to Darren's Creativity Unleashed page. I've got the update in my WS:CU section.
I've added my first song lyrics to my Tanya Tucker page. I hope to have many more in the future.
We even have some new links.

Friday, Nov. 7
I have updated the
Creativity Unleashed page to reflect the changes on Darren's site.
More pictures have been added of my babies. They are so cute!!
I've even added another poem or two.