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This is a page for my Due South stories. I really enjoy the show, and I really enjoy writing about it. My favorite characters are Ben, Meg, and Renfield, and my three favorite pairings (in order) are Meg/Ben, Meg/Ray K, and Frannie/Turnbull. If you want to join me in a romp through the DS Universe, come on in and grab a Mountie. There's bound to be something you'll like, and if you do, drop me a line. Most e-mail will be answered, but the otters will be used for otter racing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Due South or any of the characters featured in the show. They both belong to Alliance and the stations that broadcast them. Story content on this site is, however, owned by yours truly so please don't steal my stories.

My stories:

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (Rated PG)
After a strange vision, Meg is left confused as to what it means. Though her friend Francesca is positive that it's a soul memory, Meg refuses to believe it. The reader is shown through a series of images just how right Frannie really is.
Shaki sent me this pic because it reminded her of this story. The moment I saw it, it did me too. Have a look.

The Viewing (Rated G)
What happened after Meg and Ben parted ways in COTW? Could Meg and Ben really forget the life they wanted to have together but were afraid to reach for? And if they can't, what are the consequences for Turnbull?

Rage : The Thunder Rolls (Rated R)
Rage is a story about what happens when a person who denies his emotions finally gives in to them. It is also a story about how protectiveness towards the ones we love can make us do uncharacteristic things. What happens when Ben finds out Meg's terrible secret? And how will they all deal with the aftermath?

Weakness (Rated PG)
In this sequel to Rage, Ben and Meg find out the consequences of what each of them considers his and her 'weakness' (thus the title.) Glen fingers Fraser as his attacker, and Ben, Meg, Elaine, and Ray all have to examine their feelings about the incident...and about each other.

Canada's Finest (Rated PG)
There's not much to say about this one, except that Meg buys herself a present.

I Always Liked the Rain (Rated G)
Life is all about choices, and each choice we make changes our life just a little bit. Then, there are the choices that are major turning points, the ones that--once taken--can never be revoked. Some of these choices leave us with happy, contented lives, and others leave us with nothing but a life full of regrets.

Mistletoe (Rated G)
Renfield Turnbull doesn't let the fact that he's trapped in Chicago get him down. In fact, he wants to spread Christmas cheer throughout all of his new found friends. And guess who he decides to start with.

A Hair Raising Experience (Rated G)
A chance encounter at a grocery store leaves Meg Thatcher with a bit of a problem. With only Turnbull to help her, the results can only turn out one way--disasterous.

When the Cat's Away... (Rated G)
Ben goes off to play with Ray, so Meg has to make some fun of her own. Just how does she relax? And who is her favorite lounging partner?

Dancing to No Music (Rated PG)
I was dissatisfied with the ending of "Perfect Strangers", so I wrote my own...

The Picture (Rated G)
A simple picture can say a thousand words and evoke a mariad of feelings. A young married man discovers this when he meets a miserable woman in a bar.

If Heaven had a Backdoor (Rated PG)
Shirley issued a challenge for people to write stories based on the titles of Paul and David's new CD. This was my answer to that challenge.

Frannie's Lament (Please note that this is not all here yet. I'm doing that slowly but surely.)
Bookcover by Jo.
Frannie's death effects everyone around her.





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