Tanya's Links

Here are some sites that I like.

Writing Related Links:

C.E. Barrett's website
Holly Lisle's writer's resource
The Scriptorium
The Write Stuff/Creativity Unleashed

Animal Rescue Sites:

The Tender Love and Care Animal Shelter in Digby County, Nova Scotia--the best shelter I've ever been too and a big part of my life over the past eight months or so.
The Animal Rescue Site--If you go to their site once a day and click on a link, their sponsers donate food to their cause
The Fund for Animals
Greyhound Rescue
Queens SPCA (a non-kill shelter)

Reading Related Links:

Terry Goodkind's official site (Ever read Wizard's First Rule? If not, go read it!!)
The Science Fiction Book Club(My favorite place for fantasy novels.)
Marion Zimmer Bradley's Novels

Educational and Informative Sites:

Digital Collections (This is an awesome resource on Canadian history. It's got everything from the black loyalists, to the Acadians, to biographies of famous women)
On the Land
The RCMP museum
Nova Scotia Community College
Rate My Teachers
Internet Movie Database

My Friend's Websites:

Darren's website
Janesta's Music Page
Flickguy/Darren Blake's live journal...worth having a look at
Cara's Page

Star Trek Links:

What would be your Starfleet rank and job? I would be a Commander in the Security field.
Trip and T'Pol Shipper's site
Connor Trinneer's Website
Starship Modeler

Remington Steele Related Links:

The Remington Steele Fic Archive (look for my stories "Steele Dreaming" and "Steele Missing You", under my other name)
K Last's Remington Steele page
Steele in Love (The next couple of links, I actually found linked to this one. Check out her site!)
Remington Zeal
Positively Pierce
Remington Steele Desktop stuff

Due South Related Links:

Due South Fiction Archive
Yet Another Little Due South Site
Amanda's Page
Little Spooky's fic
Frasrgrl's Due South Page
William and Elyse's Due South Page(a great DS resource)
The RCMP museum
Canadian Clip Art (this is where I got my Canadian flags on the main page)
Power Play screen Captures
Serious Duck Awards

Other fanfic links:

Angel Net
Sincere Amore(Caroline in the City fan fic)

Paul Popowich Related Sites:

Paul Popowich
Paul Popowich Luvers
Another PP site

Starting Over links:

Starting Over Official Website
Andy's Webpage
Nyanza's Webpage
Maureen's Webpage
Cassie's Webpage
Christine #2's website
Rhonda's Website
Teresa's website
Audrey's website

Pen pal sites:

Pen pals Now
Heidi's Pen Pal Page
Pen Pals Today

Places I've worked:

North Queens High School
North Queens Elementary

Other stuff you might want to check out:

Davinci's Inquest
Pets.ca Meg's got her own page here. Look for her!
Canadian Library Web sites
The Official Tanya Tucker site
an unofficial Tanya Tucker site
Tanya Tucker Castle
Music Scene Magazine
Sabino Shoes (A shoe store from Greece. Why? I like the site)
Live Journal
Fun things with names
Color Codes for HTML
Traditional Country
Precious in HIS Site