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Tanya's Fic Page

Well, hello! And welcome to my little place in the world. It's not much, just a very quiet corner with few visitors, but it's mine. Please come in and pull up a chair. The main purpose for this site is to put my fic up. Most of the fic is Due South, but I expect that to change in the future. Already, there are a couple of Star Trek fics, a couple of RS fics, and some original stuff. I think there may be some Charlie's Angels stuff to come, and beyond that, who knows. Keep coming back because new stuff is added every couple of weeks.

Besides fic, I've also got some pages on things that interest me, and they've been growing lately. My interests are varied and sometimes strange. Some of them are fantasy novels, magic, pen palling, animals, country music, television (as if you couldn't tell), and children's books.

Lastly, I'm trying to collect a good page of links connected to any and all things I'm interested in. I'm trying to keep that organized as well as varied, hoping that they are of some use.

If you haven't run away screaming yet, why don't you settle in and get comfy. Look around and see if there's anything you like (my links may interest you, if nothing else does.) And if you do see something you like, why don't you jot me an e-mail?

Please check back often for updates. Here's what's new.

If you would like to help feed rescued animals, please go to The Animal Rescue Site. If you click on the purple link on their page, their sponsors pay the orginization in animal food. It costs nothing to you, and it helps animals get a decent meal.

Real Life

Tanya Tucker stuff


My pets

Unfortunately, a lot of people connected to me died over the past couple of years, starting around the first of March, 2003. I've made them a little memorial page. It's pretty stark right now, but I hope to make it better in the future.

My Reading Page

Lately I've become addicted to taking those little quizlets that are floating around. If you want to have special insight into my personality or your looking for some more quizzes to take, you can find it on my Quizlet page.

And check out my favorite Paul Popowich pics. He's such a cutie!

Here is my favorite site. Please check it out!

Information about The Write Stuff: Creativity Unleashed


Remington Steele fic

Due South (Most of my fic is here so far.)



Stargazer fic

Original fic

Fic Sneak Peak

I also discovered a great writing excercise. Ever thought you could write a novel in a month. Give Nanowrimo a try! I gave it a shot last year, and it was lots of fun. With 27 700 words, I fell short of the 50 000 goal, but I'm signing up again this November anyway.

Please be patient, this is a work in progress...

Last updated February 20, 2005.

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